The Best Masonry Paint Brush: How to Choose the Right One for You

If you’re planning on painting your masonry, you’ll need to use a quality paint brush. But with so many different types and brands of brushes available, it can be difficult to know which one is the best for the job.

A masonry paint brush is an important tool for any painter. Not all brushes are created equal, however, so it is important to know what to look for when shopping for one. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the different types of masonry paint brushes and help you choose the best one for your needs!

Harris Essentials Masonry Paint Brush

Looking to give your brick wall a fresh coat of paint? Don’t go using just any old brush! Harris Essentials has got you covered with their Masonry Paint Brush. This bad boy is designed specifically for masonry paints, so it’ll give you the best possible coverage on your walls. Plus, the long and thick head makes painting a breeze – no more pesky gaps between bricks! And don’t worry about shedding – this brush’s synthetic and natural bristles mix together to create a robust brush that won’t lose any hairs. Just apply any masonry paint using this brush, and you’ll be able to achieve a professional finish in no time at all. Plus, with its 190-gram weight, it’s perfect for anyone looking for a durable brush that can handle even the most challenging painting tasks. Finally, cleaning is easy as pie – just rinse under some warm water and you’re good to go. So why wait? Pick up a Masonry Paint Brush today!


  • Easy to clean
  • Low shedding
  • Very smooth
  • Light weight
  • Sturdy


  • Too long bristles

ProDec Masonry Paint Brush

The ProDec Masonry Paint Brush is perfect for all types of masonry paint. With its high capacity paint holding and rapid application, this brush will help you get the job done quickly and easily. Made with a blend of hardwearing pure grey bristle and synthetic filaments, the length and density of this brush are specifically designed for masonry application. This ProDec Masonry Paint Brush is perfect for textured surfaces! It has a heavy duty handle for easy gripping, and it’s 100mm wide, so you can cover more ground quickly. Reach for the ProDec Masonry Paint Brush when you’re ready to tackle your next painting project.


  • Good bristle strength
  • Keeps its shape
  • Small bristle loss
  • Ideal for bricks
  • Weight 160g


  • Not the best glue to hold bristles

POL-BRUSH Masonry Paint Brush

This POL-BRUSH Masonry Paint Brush is perfect for all of your painting needs! The large brush is great for painting any surface, and the natural bristles help to achieve a smooth, even finish. This big brush has a heavy-duty wooden handle and is perfect for painting large surfaces. This paint brush is perfect for all of your masonry painting needs – it comes in three different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your project, and it holds a lot of paint so you don’t have to stop and reload as often. Plus, its bristles are designed for good coverage, so you’ll get the job done quickly and easily. And when you’re finished, just wash it under lukewarm running water and store it away until your next project.


  • Broad brush
  • Soft bristle
  • Easy to apply paint in joints, cracks and holes
  • Holds a lot of paint
  • Good coverage


  • Weak wooden thread
  • A bit heavy


Masonry paint brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. The lightweight brush is perfect for smaller projects, while the sturdy brush is great for larger areas. You also want to make sure you select a brush with no bristles loss – this will ensure that the paint goes on smoothly and evenly. Finally, make sure to clean your brush properly after each use so that it lasts longer. Follow these tips and you’re sure to find the perfect masonry paint brush for all of your painting needs!

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